SIM for Things, the global connectivity for IoT

One SIM, One platform, One global partner

Connectivity in over 200 countries with multi-network mobile coverage in six continents

Reliable, high-quality connectivity enabled by BICS’ unique worldwide infrastructure, unique patented roaming technology and global organisation

All platform functionalities are available through highly flexible and easy-to-use APIs – we offer over 210 ready-to-use APIs and are constantly adding to our library

What can you expect from our global IoT platform?

Comprehensive API capabilities

The only global IoT platform fully based on open-source technology, we offer the industry’s most comprehensive and advanced API library for easy integration with enterprise back-end systems. And if you can’t find exactly what you need, we will quickly develop new customised APIs tailored to your requirements.

Tap into the world’s most advanced API philosophy and capabilities and enjoy limitless potential for your IoT deployment.

Pay per Use

We make it easy for you to work with us on your terms. Our platform is available as a fully-managed or self-managed service, with pay-as-you-go, scale-as-you-grow options. On top of that, our telecoms heritage means we can offer extremely competitive wholesale rates and flexible pricing options.

Choose BICs for competitive pricing models combined with a white label solution tailored to your customer’s needs.

Global Connectivity

Enjoy multi-network mobile coverage in six continents. Your IoT devices can travel anywhere – even between national and network borders – and stay seamlessly connected. No need to worry about complicated commercial agreements with operators in each country.

Let BICs take care of all your global connectivity needs so you can focus on delivering customer value.

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Our platform makes global IoT deployments easy

BICS IoT solution for ICT providers

Sign up to our platform and access a fully virtualised international mobile network designed for IoT. Our self-serve management portal and user-friendly dashboard make it easy to launch and manage your international IoT devices.

  • Manage your connected devices and customers
  • Fit for millions of devices with granular control and high operational efficiency
  • Customise global connectivity for each SIM card
  • Tailor your IoT business models
  • Provide the best support to your internal or external customers, anywhere in the world
  • Extensive real-time monitoring and trouble-shooting tools
  • Entirely programmable global connectivity
  • All platform functionalities are available through easy-to-use and flexible APIs
  • Test our platform now
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Limitless opportunities for innovation

We understand the needs of multiple industries.
Find out how our platform will ensure you help your customers gain a competitive edge in their sector through innovative IoT deployments.

Wearable devices

A watch manufacturer wants to embed connectivity in every device to enable new billable services. BICS makes it easy to offer connectivity to every customer, anywhere in the world, with monthly billing.

Seamless global connectivity for go anywhere devices


A bus manufacturer is introducing new telematics services in the latest model. BICS provides a total solution, including embedded connectivity, mobile services management everywhere in the world detailed, and usage reports to support the customer business models.
Embedded connectivity in cars for new service opportunities

Logistics and transportation

A logistics company needs a real-time track and trace solution for high value parcels. The BICS solution includes embedded SIMs in small devices and sensors to track parcels worldwide.

24/7 global track-and-trace of high-value shipments

Smart buildings

A multinational company wants to embed reliable, secure mobile connectivity in its building estate worldwide. BICS’ plug-and-play solution enables easy roll-out, secure connectivity and service quality assurance.
One platform to provision and manage worldwide connectivity

IT Integrator

An IT integrator needs to become a global MVNO to meet a market need for IoT connectivity solutions.  The BICS platform offers a comprehensive white label solution and flexible business models.
Offer IoT connectivity solutions to large companies across the world

Health and insurance

A health monitoring services needs to quickly roll-out global connectivity. The BICS platform delivers fast, easy deployment, secure connectivity, full device management capability and service quality assurance.
Pioneer new models based on health and lifestyle monitoring
Ready to scale IoT?

Try it now with our easy to use starter pack!

Package 1

From €1000 per month
  • SIMs
  • Data per month
  • Setup

Package 2

From €1300 per month
  • SIMs
  • Data per month
  • Setup

Package 3

From €1500 per month
  • SIMs
  • Data per month
  • Setup

Dev. Package

  • SIMs
  • Data
  • Setup

Coverage Map

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Coverage in more than 200 countries with at least 2 operators per country guaranteed

BICS the network at the heart of international cellular connectivity

BICS is a leading global carrier at the heart of today’s global communications, providing international connectivity, interoperability and IoT solutions for mobile operators, MVNOs, telcos and enterprises.

We are the world’s largest mobile data roaming carrier, carrying over 25 percent of the world’s roaming traffic. We offer direct connections to over 700 mobile and fixed network operators, reaching over 1,100 mobile destinations worldwide.

Our IoT connectivity solutions come from more than 25 years of leadership in providing international connectivity for voice, messaging and data traffic.

Our SIM for Things solution has been built from the ground up to address the needs of enterprises looking to connect devices and machines across multiple countries with a highly secure network infrastructure.

An exciting IoT world beckons. Are you ready?

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