German bionics 


German Bionics enables improved performance, throughput and worker safety for enterprises and factories through its intelligent exoskeletons. By alleviating the strain associated with heavy lifting, the company’s connected power suit combines human intelligence with machine power to protect workers.

By partnering with BICS, the joint solution ensures suits and workers stay connected across the business, network and borders with seamless reliable global connectivity through embedded sensors. Underpinned by BICS SIM for Thing solution, enterprises benefit from constant improvement via integration with other machines and software merged with the continual collection of data and subsequent analytics. Read more here.

    About German Bionics


    With locations in Augsburg, Berlin and Tokyo, German Bionics is the first European manufacturer to develop and manufacture exoskeletons for use in industrial production. Using its in-house cloud-based IoT platform, German Bionics IO, the company lays the data scientific foundation for AI applications and the next level of bionics – always with the aim to improve user health and worker productivity.


    About BICS


    BICS SIM For Things provides reliable, flexible and easy-to-deploy connectivity to companies in any vertical seeking to deploy and manage an international connected business. We offer one single global IoT SIM, one single platform for the entire world and all the functionalities needed to integrate worldwide IoT connectivity into the business of any enterprise.